The Lion's Paw


The Lion's Paw & Robb White

This website is about "The Lion's Paw" a book written by Robb White, first published in 1946 and has not been reprinted.

Robb White was primarily an author of books for adolecents.

The Lion's Paw, written in 1946, remains one of White's most timeless books. The book is being discovered by new fans everyday, most of whom discover it through their parents or grandparents, who read it to their children or had it read to them. One look at online retailers such as proves that The Lion's Paw and White's other works have a substantially large and ever-growing fanbase. This website is dedicated to information on The Lion's Paw and Robb White's other works, in the hopes that they may eventually be reprinted and that future generations to come can discover the joy of reading The Lion's Paw and the other classic works of Robb White.